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For over 25+ years I grew businesses, built teams and honed my marketing skills, remaining at the forefront of the latest technology and trends.

I built sales and marketing teams across various C-level positions, and grew audiences in the millions across several social media platforms.

Over the last decade, I’d been finding it increasingly difficult to manage the demands of high-level positions alongside my growing family.

In 2018, I quit a leadership role in the corporate world to work for myself and shape the balanced life I desperately wanted.

That's when my story really began

I setup an office at home and started helping friends with their marketing. This grew into a little agency.

At the same time, I began writing on LinkedIn every day, sharing my thoughts about marketing, leadership and work-life balance.

About 18 months later, one of my posts blew up. It was a little piece I wrote about leaving work early. It ended up reaching over 30 million people and attracting news coverage all over the world.

I was receiving a growing number of requests from people who wanted my help generating awareness for their businesses.

I continue to publish daily on LinkedIn to an audience of over half a million people. 

I work from home and am fortunate to spend more time with my three kids than ever before. 

My goal is to help as many people as possible find the work-life balance I've been lucky enough to create in my life.

I've written marketing guides and I publish a blog that looks at life and business in a slightly different way.

It's all free. My hope is you find something useful that helps you achieve the life you want.

My LinkedIn Scorecard

Over 1+ billion content impressions

Over 1+ million followers from zero paid ads

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