Hurry Up and Be Creative

Nov 07, 2023

Few things quash creativity more than a looming deadline.

Time pressure forces us to focus on speed and efficiency, leaving little space for the contemplation and experimentation needed for creative thinking. Urgency nudges us toward the quickest and most familiar solutions.

Creativity is a creature of freedom. It flourishes in unstructured moments where we have time to ponder and wonder. Deadlines work against the very essence of inventive thinking.

However, deadlines have a secret weapon: they force action. The imminent sense of urgency can be harnessed to gain more time simply by starting sooner. That extra time gives us room to breathe and contemplate. It’s exactly what’s needed for creativity.

So, embrace the urgency of a deadline. Use it as a motivator to start.

But don’t expect it to boost your creativity. Especially if you’ve left something to the last minute.

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