How It's Always Been Done

Sep 12, 2023

In a world that thrives on disruption, it’s invigorating to challenge the status quo.

We’re encouraged to shake things up, question everything and think outside the box.

But in our quest for progress, it’s important to recognise that certain principles and practices have endured because they serve a vital purpose.

Following safety protocols at a nuclear power plant isn’t just prudent, it's non-negotiable. And it’s sensible for airplane pilots to follow established checklists before takeoff.

I’m not suggesting the status quo should be immune to scrutiny, but it shouldn't be dismissed without contemplation either. It's not about preserving tradition for tradition's sake, but respecting the wisdom embedded within it.

“That’s how we’ve always done it” is rarely the acceptable answer. But there might be a better reason to explain it.

Not all foundations are meant to be dismantled.

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