The Mere Suggestion

Sep 26, 2023

No matter how noble or selfless your actions might be, the mere suggestion of personal gain will taint it.

- A coach selecting players for a team, including their own child among the contenders.

- A car salesperson giving advice on vehicle choices, even those parked in their own car lot.

- A financial advisor recommending stocks while having personal stakes in those very companies.

In each case, it's a struggle to shake off the notion that our decision, advice, or information is influenced by self-interest.

Sure, you can mount a defence, passionately asserting the purity of your motivations. But it’s an uphill battle.

The challenge lies not just in ensuring the absence of impropriety, but addressing the perception of it.

Often the mere suggestion is impossible to overcome.

To preserve your integrity, your only choice may be to step aside.

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