Don't Wait For January

Oct 10, 2023

In no time at all, we’ll start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions.

The promises we make to ourselves, the commitments that carry the potential to transform our lives. Perhaps you've already got a few in mind: Start writing. Quit smoking. Join a gym.

These are all fantastic aspirations, each carrying its own unique promise of personal growth and positive change. The very fact that you're thinking about them signifies their importance. And if something is truly important to you, there's no reason to wait before taking action.

Postponing change is a trick we play on ourselves. It allows us to bask in the glow of our good intentions while conveniently avoiding the demands of immediate action. But real commitment demands action.

There's magic in the present moment. Every day holds within it the promise of transformation, of progress, of becoming a better version of ourselves.

The perfect time to start isn't tethered to the ticking of the clock or the turning of the calendar pages. It's not some distant date in the future, waiting for us to arrive. The perfect time to start is right now.

Today, there are 83 days left in 2023. You can spend those days planning your New Year’s resolutions.

Or get an 83-day jump start on them.

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