The Everlasting Charm of Content Marketing

Aug 08, 2023

Content marketing feels like a new strategy, tailor-made for the Internet age where ads can be easily skipped or scrolled past. Valuable content becomes the magnet for attention.

But content marketing isn’t new.

Consider the Guinness Book of Records, created in 1955 by a beer company. Guinness published their book of weird and wonderful facts to settle friendly pub arguments by providing an authoritative source of information.

Long before that, the Michelin Guide emerged in 1900, courtesy of the Michelin tire company. By providing information about restaurants and hotels, they hoped to encourage people to drive further and, in turn, use more tyres.

And before that, in 1895, John Deere published a lifestyle magazine aimed at farmers called “The Furrow”. Instead of pushing their products, the magazine educated on business ownership and industry advancements.

These big businesses were content marketing pioneers over a century ago.

Today, you can wield the same impact on a shoestring budget.

This game belongs to anyone willing to play.

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